Medical Clinic vs. Emergency Room: How Do I Decide?

Sometimes in our lives there are some circumstances that are unforeseen as well as uncalled for. Taking the right decision at such circumstances is the most essential thing you should do since sometimes that one decision can save a life, your own or that of your loved one. The situations can be that of an accident or a heart attack or such things. You have to sure about when to choose an emergency room of a hospital and when to opt for a medical clinic such that if and when there is such an emergency, you can make the right decision. Usually, most people would want the emergency room of a hospital for most cases, but in some ways, a medical clinic is way better equipped to handle certain emergencies. By understanding where to go and when to go, you would have to power of knowledge to save a life in an emergency.

An emergency room of a hospital is for emergencies

f22Usually, when you visit an emergency room of a hospital, a paramedic or a nurse on duty would check you to determine the kind of emergency you have before getting you treated. Suppose, you have a high fever and a sore throat, emergency cases like heart attacks, or severe accidents would be treated urgently. You would have to wait, even if your sore throat is killing you. After all the logic is simple, there are never enough doctors and hence the few that there are in the emergency room would treat cases like heart attacks first that can cause death. Sore throats never killed anyone and hence you would have to wait till a doctor is free to take a look at you.

In such cases like fevers, sore throats and such things, choosing to visit a medical clinic would be the wiser decision. While in cases like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, heavy bleeding, choking and so on, the emergency room of a hospital should be your only option.

Medical clinics are for treating minor emergencies

The above example should be enough to clear any confusion that you might have regarding when to visit a medical clinic and when you should rush to the emergency room of a hospital. Over and above the example given above, you should also know that usually medical clinics are not equipped to deal with emergencies that require CPR or immediate surgeries. But since a hospital receives numerous emergencies in a single day, you can also try the critical trauma care hospitals, if you need emergency medical attention. The reason is since while regular medical clinics do not have the equipment there is a minimum waiting time that you would need if you visit an emergency room of a hospital. If you know of an urgent trauma care medical clinic, it will be your best option in case of emergency like chest pain, heavy bleeding, choking or difficulty in breathing.

Now that you know the difference, make sure you decide wisely in an emergency.