How to make fake doctor notes look real?

There are some great benefits of being retired from work. While there is a stress that you do not get to earn money anymore, at the same time, to make things feel brighter, just think about a feeling that comes into mind on a bright and sunny day, that you do not have to go to office and start your day with a pensive looking boss!

But for most of the others, who are yet to feel the joy of retirement, they must make their way to work each morning in a rushed manner. Wouldn’t it be really awesome if you can just take a day off to enjoy the landscape and the surroundings on a sunny day without rushing to work just like that? Fortunately, crafting a doctor’s excuse for work is never been easy. Today, you can just download it from the internet.

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An excuse form from a doctor is an important document that you need to submit if you want to file a leave for a long vacation, get back to work, or cover up your absences wothout any valid reasons. Using these notes can be very helpful if you want to keep your job and just can’t avoid emergency situations. If the company accepts the employee’s excuse, he can be paid for the days he is using for a vacation. This is the most relaxing vacation you could have because your mind is free from worrying and you get paid for that day you use for yourself.

How can you do that?

f24Luckily, with the Internet available, there is nothing called impossible these days. You can indeed make up an excuse not to work by using fake doctor notes. Just when you do not feel energized enough to go to work; you can always inform the office and call in sick. There is the fake doctors’ note that can save you the stress of facing your boss the next day at office. You can also go to the site

The best thing about such notes is that they look extremely authentic, and there is no reason anyone will ever doubt the notes or your intentions for that matter. Some of the features that you can expect from such false notes are:

  • An authentic looking logo or a letterhead
  • A verifiable contact details
  • A doctor’s signature
  • And of course a well designed and professional looking note

How to make the fake notes look authentic?

To make the fake note look real, you must ensure that the note looks very professional and well designed and comes with an authentic logo or a letterhead. According to, these are the features of an unreal excuse notes that you need to consider.  These two are extremely crucial since only when these two factors are convincing to look at, people tend to believe the note without suspecting you or your intentions.

It’s very important to make sure that you’re fake dentist note seems authentic and originally issued by a professional dentist. Fortunately, a lot of authentic-looking templates are found in the internet. And the better news is that it normally costs for about 3-4 dollars. Imagine how much rest and fun you would have, salary deduction free, for only a few dollars. You will get to save your job and literally your life. Try visiting to acquire a fake letter from your doctor to use as a ticket out of your school or work

For a part of handwriting and the signature of the doctor, it is always better to let someone else do the job since it can be easy to spot your handwriting only too well. To deal with the part of phone number on the note, use such a number that is unknown to your boss, but to which you have proper access. You can make the process all the more authentic with a voice recording on the answering machine and keep it on at all times. If you are a little confident about your acting skills then, you can also make it a point to receive a call. Act as a doctor or suggest one of your friends to play the doctor as a favor to you.

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Note from a Physician

An effective Dr Note template

The importance of hydration when you’re sick

You must hear it all the times that it is crucial to have proper hydration of the skin and the body. Ever wondered about the reason behind such a thing?

You must also be aware that the main reason for the damage of the skin and the formation of the wrinkles on the skin is dehydration of the body. Then why do you neglect such an important aspect of health and care?

What is skin hydration?

You will be amazed to know that the human body is composed of 70% water. Keeping the body hydrated is thus the only way of feeding the body for its proper survival. In order to keep the body hydrated, you should drink at least six glasses or 2 liters of water regularly for internal well-being. To add external moisture to your skin, you can also use body and skin moisturizers.

How to understand whether the body is dehydrated?

f23The best way to understand whether the body is thirsty is easily visible on the skin. Even if it is oily in nature, with increasing dehydration, the skin can become blistered, dry and rough. You can only get a glamorous and soft skin with hydrated internal organs of the body.

Why does the skin get dehydrated?

Although the water retention of the body is almost 70% naturally, there are several reasons why the skin can get dehydrated. For instance, there can be genetic reasons and other health issues; circulatory disorders, endocrine dysfunctions or even some medications can cause dehydration of the skin. There are concerns about lifestyle that can cause dehydration of the skin. To name a few concerns the environmental pollution, exposure of the body to free radicals, temperate climate, lack of sleep, anxiety, depression and stress, anxiety, irregular diet, smoking, etc.

Moisturizing of the skin during the winter season

It can be difficult to keep hydrated both from inside and outside during the winter times. While you can keep your hands and feet covered with thick dress and sweaters, it is not possible to do the same for your skin. Skin is the most sensitive element of the human body and requires special care from your part. Know your skin type and stick to moisturizers of the skin accordingly. For instance, use oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin. Make sure to check whether the moisturizer that you are using on skin does not cause you skin allergies since allergies can cause twice dehydration of the skin.

Use facial masks for your skin regularly to lock the moisture in the skin especially during the winter season. Use lip balms on your lips to prevent the loss of moisture from your lips. Maintain drinking lot of water in your diet in different forms like fruit juice, milk, etc. so that you can consume enough water throughout the day and keep yourself always hydrated.

Rather than working your butt of work use a fake note as an excuse and take a day off.

Hydration of the skin is what will make you glow eventually and fetch you lots of compliments from others. Now you know the secret behind that glamorous skin!

What risks do you face on dehydration?

If your body loses or lack the right amount of fluids, you can experience extreme thirst, irritability and confusion, sunken eyes, dry skin that doesn’t bounce back when you pinch it, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, no tears when crying, fever, little or no urination, and any urine color that is darker than usual, and in serious cases, delirium or unconsciousness. This conditions are fatal that’s why you should not take it for granted. When you’re experiencing its symptoms, you must immediately give your self some time to properly rehydrate your body. If you’re working or a student, you might want to get a doctor’s note from and use it to buy yourself some time.

Is A Death In The Family An Excused Absence?

There are some situations in our lives that are beyond the control of anyone. One such situation is the death of a family member. Regardless of how much work you have at office or how important class you would be missing, you would have to take a leave of absence in case of death of a family member. But the good news is that these kinds of situations come under the category of excused absence thus making it possible for you to take leave from your work or university without any problems.

Most organizations, offices, as well as universities, excuses leave of absence for a death in the family, but this idea can be used for fake leaves as well. And many people do this too. But you should be very careful about using the reason of death of a family member as a leave excuse.

The kinds of excused leaves

There are typically two varieties of leaves of absences that are excused by any university or offices. One is the leave of absence that you take for the death or serious illness of a family member, and another is the leave you take for your illness. While you can fake your illness to take a leave of absence by getting a fake doctor’s note, the same should be done extremely carefully when faking the death of a family member.

It is good to take leaves from work and studies once in a while and the best way is to get a fake doctor’s note for some illness. But if you intend to fake the death of a family member to take a prolonged leave of absence, make sure you have a thing planned out well before executing it.

The seriousness of the excuse

Based on the kind of excuse you offer for the leave of absence, you would be able to get the number of days of leave you need or want. Usually in case of death of a family member you can get leaves till the funeral service while in case of severe illness of a family member you can get quite a few days of leave. Your illness would get you an extended leave as well. But to get leaves of absence for two of these above mentioned causes, your illness, as well as the illness of a family member, you would need to give either doctor’s note. It is not a problem though, even if you are faking the illness since the Internet provides excellent fake doctor’s note.

The excuse of a family members death is an entirely different issue altogether. Though, you usually do not need to give any written document to get leave for this but it is a severe reason to provide for getting fake leaves.

It is good to take leaves from work and enjoy life, just for the sake of it. But be very careful about the kind of reason you give for the leave of absence you take.

Medical Clinic vs. Emergency Room: How Do I Decide?

Sometimes in our lives there are some circumstances that are unforeseen as well as uncalled for. Taking the right decision at such circumstances is the most essential thing you should do since sometimes that one decision can save a life, your own or that of your loved one. The situations can be that of an accident or a heart attack or such things. You have to sure about when to choose an emergency room of a hospital and when to opt for a medical clinic such that if and when there is such an emergency, you can make the right decision. Usually, most people would want the emergency room of a hospital for most cases, but in some ways, a medical clinic is way better equipped to handle certain emergencies. By understanding where to go and when to go, you would have to power of knowledge to save a life in an emergency.

An emergency room of a hospital is for emergencies

f22Usually, when you visit an emergency room of a hospital, a paramedic or a nurse on duty would check you to determine the kind of emergency you have before getting you treated. Suppose, you have a high fever and a sore throat, emergency cases like heart attacks, or severe accidents would be treated urgently. You would have to wait, even if your sore throat is killing you. After all the logic is simple, there are never enough doctors and hence the few that there are in the emergency room would treat cases like heart attacks first that can cause death. Sore throats never killed anyone and hence you would have to wait till a doctor is free to take a look at you.

In such cases like fevers, sore throats and such things, choosing to visit a medical clinic would be the wiser decision. While in cases like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, heavy bleeding, choking and so on, the emergency room of a hospital should be your only option.

Medical clinics are for treating minor emergencies

The above example should be enough to clear any confusion that you might have regarding when to visit a medical clinic and when you should rush to the emergency room of a hospital. Over and above the example given above, you should also know that usually medical clinics are not equipped to deal with emergencies that require CPR or immediate surgeries. But since a hospital receives numerous emergencies in a single day, you can also try the critical trauma care hospitals, if you need emergency medical attention. The reason is since while regular medical clinics do not have the equipment there is a minimum waiting time that you would need if you visit an emergency room of a hospital. If you know of an urgent trauma care medical clinic, it will be your best option in case of emergency like chest pain, heavy bleeding, choking or difficulty in breathing.

Now that you know the difference, make sure you decide wisely in an emergency.


Does A “General Hospital” Have Specialists?

Today, like everything else, the medical field has also become more of a business than anything else. There are general hospitals, specialty hospitals, medical clinics and private nursing homes that provide not only medical facility to people, but also all kinds of amenities that can be compared to any luxury five-star hotels. If you have cash, you can get the treatment reserved for royalty. While most common people, still put their trusts on a general hospital many people are also shifting to the luxurious facilities offered by the private nursing homes.

But since most people cannot afford the luxury of a private nursing home, the need for general hospitals as well as specialty hospitals are ever on the rise. Medical clinics are always busy with patients as well. You might be wondering what the contrast between a general hospital and a specialty hospital is? Since general hospitals also have specialists, or do they?

Professionals in general hospitals

f21Yes, most general hospitals do have specialists but in most cases, these experts see only outpatients within the general hospital. Although in the case of certain emergencies the general hospital might also appoint the help of an expert but usually general physicians in general hospitals carry out the treatments. If you need to see a specialist, you would either have to do it as an outpatient of the general hospital or have to visit a specialty hospital. Of course, like it is mentioned above, the hospital might contact a specialist doctor if an in-house patient is in need of some special treatment but the decision would lie on a hospital in such a case.

Sometimes some general hospitals also allow the patient to bring in a specialist doctor who is not attached with the hospital for a checkup or a consultation with the general doctor treating the patient. But this is only allowed when the situation is complicated and hence it is a rare occurrence.

Specialists in specialist hospitals

Specialty hospitals are often more expensive than general hospitals. Hence, most people with a budget constraint choose to visit a general hospital first. If you too have, a budget issue what you can do is visit a general hospital first. Usually, a general hospital would be able to treat many problems. But if the case is complicated, the doctors would either suggest that you should visit a specialty clinic or bring in an expert. In either situation, you would have the option to visit a specialist only if you really need to.

If you do not have a budget crunch, you can directly visit a specialty hospital since these specialty hospitals are better equipped to handle special cases. For instance, there are maternity hospitals that provide medical facilities to only would be mothers and newborn babies. Such hospitals are less crowded and hence can offer individual care. But for this very reason these specialty hospitals are costlier than the general hospitals.

Just know that it is a misconception that general hospitals do not have specialists.