The importance of hydration when you’re sick

You must hear it all the times that it is crucial to have proper hydration of the skin and the body. Ever wondered about the reason behind such a thing?

You must also be aware that the main reason for the damage of the skin and the formation of the wrinkles on the skin is dehydration of the body. Then why do you neglect such an important aspect of health and care?

What is skin hydration?

You will be amazed to know that the human body is composed of 70% water. Keeping the body hydrated is thus the only way of feeding the body for its proper survival. In order to keep the body hydrated, you should drink at least six glasses or 2 liters of water regularly for internal well-being. To add external moisture to your skin, you can also use body and skin moisturizers.

How to understand whether the body is dehydrated?

f23The best way to understand whether the body is thirsty is easily visible on the skin. Even if it is oily in nature, with increasing dehydration, the skin can become blistered, dry and rough. You can only get a glamorous and soft skin with hydrated internal organs of the body.

Why does the skin get dehydrated?

Although the water retention of the body is almost 70% naturally, there are several reasons why the skin can get dehydrated. For instance, there can be genetic reasons and other health issues; circulatory disorders, endocrine dysfunctions or even some medications can cause dehydration of the skin. There are concerns about lifestyle that can cause dehydration of the skin. To name a few concerns the environmental pollution, exposure of the body to free radicals, temperate climate, lack of sleep, anxiety, depression and stress, anxiety, irregular diet, smoking, etc.

Moisturizing of the skin during the winter season

It can be difficult to keep hydrated both from inside and outside during the winter times. While you can keep your hands and feet covered with thick dress and sweaters, it is not possible to do the same for your skin. Skin is the most sensitive element of the human body and requires special care from your part. Know your skin type and stick to moisturizers of the skin accordingly. For instance, use oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin. Make sure to check whether the moisturizer that you are using on skin does not cause you skin allergies since allergies can cause twice dehydration of the skin.

Use facial masks for your skin regularly to lock the moisture in the skin especially during the winter season. Use lip balms on your lips to prevent the loss of moisture from your lips. Maintain drinking lot of water in your diet in different forms like fruit juice, milk, etc. so that you can consume enough water throughout the day and keep yourself always hydrated.

Rather than working your butt of work use a fake note as an excuse and take a day off.

Hydration of the skin is what will make you glow eventually and fetch you lots of compliments from others. Now you know the secret behind that glamorous skin!

What risks do you face on dehydration?

If your body loses or lack the right amount of fluids, you can experience extreme thirst, irritability and confusion, sunken eyes, dry skin that doesn’t bounce back when you pinch it, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, no tears when crying, fever, little or no urination, and any urine color that is darker than usual, and in serious cases, delirium or unconsciousness. This conditions are fatal that’s why you should not take it for granted. When you’re experiencing its symptoms, you must immediately give your self some time to properly rehydrate your body. If you’re working or a student, you might want to get a doctor’s note from and use it to buy yourself some time.