Does A “General Hospital” Have Specialists?

Today, like everything else, the medical field has also become more of a business than anything else. There are general hospitals, specialty hospitals, medical clinics and private nursing homes that provide not only medical facility to people, but also all kinds of amenities that can be compared to any luxury five-star hotels. If you have cash, you can get the treatment reserved for royalty. While most common people, still put their trusts on a general hospital many people are also shifting to the luxurious facilities offered by the private nursing homes.

But since most people cannot afford the luxury of a private nursing home, the need for general hospitals as well as specialty hospitals are ever on the rise. Medical clinics are always busy with patients as well. You might be wondering what the contrast between a general hospital and a specialty hospital is? Since general hospitals also have specialists, or do they?

Professionals in general hospitals

f21Yes, most general hospitals do have specialists but in most cases, these experts see only outpatients within the general hospital. Although in the case of certain emergencies the general hospital might also appoint the help of an expert but usually general physicians in general hospitals carry out the treatments. If you need to see a specialist, you would either have to do it as an outpatient of the general hospital or have to visit a specialty hospital. Of course, like it is mentioned above, the hospital might contact a specialist doctor if an in-house patient is in need of some special treatment but the decision would lie on a hospital in such a case.

Sometimes some general hospitals also allow the patient to bring in a specialist doctor who is not attached with the hospital for a checkup or a consultation with the general doctor treating the patient. But this is only allowed when the situation is complicated and hence it is a rare occurrence.

Specialists in specialist hospitals

Specialty hospitals are often more expensive than general hospitals. Hence, most people with a budget constraint choose to visit a general hospital first. If you too have, a budget issue what you can do is visit a general hospital first. Usually, a general hospital would be able to treat many problems. But if the case is complicated, the doctors would either suggest that you should visit a specialty clinic or bring in an expert. In either situation, you would have the option to visit a specialist only if you really need to.

If you do not have a budget crunch, you can directly visit a specialty hospital since these specialty hospitals are better equipped to handle special cases. For instance, there are maternity hospitals that provide medical facilities to only would be mothers and newborn babies. Such hospitals are less crowded and hence can offer individual care. But for this very reason these specialty hospitals are costlier than the general hospitals.

Just know that it is a misconception that general hospitals do not have specialists.